3 double-spaced.

The journal assignment should make it clear to the reader how your thinking has been altered by your engagement with the course content. A high grade for this assignment will be given to assignments that provide thoughtful insights demonstrating the application of the course content in your own thinking, as well as examining ways to integrate that content with your experiences and other coursework.  After watching the videos for each class, reflect on the materials and make notes.  These notes or memos may be useful for stimulating thoughts for this journal assignment.This assignment consists of a reflection around and answering the following questions:What are the connections between course content and your experiences and plans? (e.g., being managed or managing others, extracurriculars, past work experience, job search etc.)For example: you can refer to different theories/topics we discuss in the lectures. Give examples.What was surprising or counter to your intuition?Personal takeaways – Reflections on your experiences, perspectives, competencies, weaknesses, and biases that the course caused you to address/think about.–1-inch margins on 8.5”x11”, with 12pt Times New Roman font. Please include a word count at the end. APA format
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