Analysis of Reinventing Paul by John Gager.

Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of Reinventing Paul by John Gager. Write a 1250 word paper answering; According to Gager, Apostle Paul should not be regarded as the father of the Christian anti-Semitism. Many scholars, over the years, have been made to believe that Paul was a very big enemy of the Jewish religious traditions. This is refuted by the author who, in his opinion, Paul does not qualify as a rebel. Instead, he should be viewed as an apostle who was mainly concerned about the unity of the church. Having been converted at a time when salvation was purely perceived as a Jewish affair, Paul found himself in a controversy because of his differing stance. He decided to disagree with some not because he was against the laws of Moses, but because he had wanted salvation to be an inclusive thing that was not only reserved to the Jews alone.
In this book, Gager tries to revolutionize Pauline studies. He provides a modern and new interpretation that can be helpful in knowing what Paul was concerned with. As a Gentile Apostle, Paul was determined to see salvation be extended to the Gentiles as well. So, by fighting for the inclusion of the Gentiles, Paul should not be considered to be opposing any doctrine and traditions associated with Judaism. Unlike apostles like Peter, Paul held the view that no non-Jew should be forced to undergo the rite of circumcision because it was of no essence to them. Salvation was good news to everyone including the Gentiles. Therefore, once they decide to get salvation, they need not be circumcised since it was a fulfillment of the covenant God had entered into with Abraham and his descendants.
By describing his Paul as the real one, this author says that it is only him who has presented the actual picture of the Apostle Paul. Unlike him, several attempts have been made to misrepresent the actual identity of Apostle Paul. This has been possible because the messages delivered by Apostle Paul have been taken out of its real context. To the&nbsp.scholars who view Paul as a rebel, it is obvious that they have to misinterpret the exact ideologies he stood for.&nbsp.
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