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The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. ”Coyote Waits” details a puzzling crime that yields its answers only to the deductive powers of its protagonists.’ He comes to the residence of somebody who belongs to the lower middle rung in society. He rings the bell in vain. While he glances at the garage an ancient blue Chevy sedan pulls over. Seated inside are a boy and a young lady. The boy, Taka Ji, is the witness of the crime scene. The young lady, Janice Ha, is his cousin. His statement could result in the acquittal of the elderly man, and the capture of his father ColonelJi’s, an ex CIA operative, murderer. Chee explains the purpose of his visit and they enter the house. The shrine in between the front windows depicts a religious background. After Mrs. Ha, Takagi’s aunt has been introduced Takagi describes the incident. That dark stormy night he was painting as usual. The roar of a car engine made Takagi alert, folding the ladder, he hid. After awhile re-positioning himself he saw three people. One was a burly man, the other a very thin elderly man, and the third’s gender could not be identified. They moved towards the rocks. Takagi, not wanting to disclose his business, waited for the people to leave. Curiosity made Takagi follow suit. He saw the old man, now incarcerated, Ashle Pinto drink from a bottle. The other two were up in the rocks. Takagi decided to wait till the man got drunk so that he could escape unseen. Suddenly he heard hollering of the two people, and then a gunshot. The appearance of Navajo Tribal police along the west ridge added to his apprehensions. Takagi fled from the scene. Although he secretly regrets not stopping for Chee, for it could have saved his father’s life. After listening to the narration Chee made him mark the place where the people were. Afterwards, Chee meets Janet Pete, Ashle’s defense lawyer, and Chee’s friend, in the Federal District Court. Telling her that the trial has to be postponed otherwise an innocent man would be punished.

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