Business Level Strategy (Australian Football League).

Need help with my writing homework on Business Level Strategy (Australian Football League). Write a 500 word paper answering; Business Level Strategy and Conclusion College Business Level Strategy As the oldest league in Australia, Australian Football League (AFL) has adopted various business strategies to improve its operations and yield more revenue. It has been recorded that the league has significantly grown its revenue from $340 million in 2011 to $450 million in the year 2013. As stated in the (2015), its revenue increase is accredited and associated with the adoption of a differentiated strategy for the league’s services. Differentiated business strategy refers to an approach that is used by companies to give them a competitive edge over their competitors through making their products or services unique (Casile and Wheeler 2005). Casile and Wheeler add that differentiation makes an organization thrive due to the flexibility of using its substitutes. For instance, the Australian Football League has increased its game intensity. For a sports industry, this is vital to maintaining high spectators’ appeal for the game (Watson and Wooldridge 2005). The AFL players are expected to carry out sprints repeatedly despite their positions in the game as compared to the previous years. Therefore, it has enabled the players to be more competent thus giving the league a competitive advantage (Nandakumar, Ghobadian and ORegan 2010).
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