Determinant between Weak and Strong Performance in Maths.

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According to PISA, mathematical literacy is the individual capacity to formulate, employ and interpret mathematics in a variety of context (OECD, 2014). This includes the reasoning of mathematical concept and facts to explain and predict phenomena. This literacy also helps an individual to recognize the role of mathematics. It is demonstrated through the student ability to solve and interpret mathematical problems. Proficiency in mathematics is seen as an essential precursor to success in modern society.
This perspective of mathematics has gained consideration due to the rapid advancement in information. For this reason, students need to be well equipped with mathematical knowledge. PISA results indicate that there is a wide achievement gap between East and West students. The students in the East like Shanghai and Hong Kong and Singapore had a higher score than students from America and Britain for test undertaken over a year. Education policymakers have begun to analyze the factors that differentiate between the weak and strong participants in math.
Poor achievement in education has become an issue of major concern among the academic institutions. Therefore, revisiting the factors determining the level of student participation is an effort worthwhile to consider.Studies show there are a number of factors including teacher selection and quality, teaching methods, parenting, extensive out-of-school tuition, and families’ value upon mathematics, among many others.Self-directed learning is a significant factor in a student’s math participation.
Mathematics education requires a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, as well as the ability to make connections between them. This is because there is no planned, well-structured system that allows the student to think mathematically. This can be achieved if. the student plays their assigned role in the mathematics learning process.&nbsp.
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