development process infancy and early childhood.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on development process infancy and early childhood. Needs to be plagiarism free! The author of the paper tells when born, babies show inborn actions such as grasping, sucking and blinking. They respond to lights, darkness, and movements of objects and images like to stare at the human face holding them and respond to their facial expressions, see objects clearly, recognize the human voice and detect noise, smiling to them, and they start recognizing the human voice. The second stage is from three to six months. during the early stages of infancy, development of perceptual abilities is an ongoing process. At this stage, infants start developing a sense of perception whereby they start to imitate and respond to the facial expressions of those around them, and they recognize and reacts to familiar sounds and faces. The third stage is from six to nine months. it is hard to know what infants are feeling or thinking. Therefore, to learn and know the mental processes of infants, researchers have identified creative ways of disclosing the inner brains of an infant. Researchers have come up with theories that, infants at this stage gazes at unknown things for long, for example, their mothers’ clothes or hair and even suspended objects. Children are able to differentiate between sizes and numbers of objects and they understand between living and non-living objects. The fourth stage is from nine months to 1 year. during this period, infants develop more in terms of their physical appearances they begin to sit craw and walk. These physical developments enable infants to explore their environment deeply. They respond with signs and sound, imitate what they see in those around them, love pictures and toys and also they turn objects up and down and try to arrange them.

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