Discuss Addiction to Social Networking Sites.

Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Addiction to Social Networking Sites. With this concern, the proposed research study will emphasise raising greater awareness about the currently observable addiction of young people towards various SNSs, explaining its side effects including both medical as well as social. Due attention will also be delivered to the treatments available and motives to replicate how the lives of the people are now revolving around such SNSs like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among others. This particular research topic has been taken into concern with an intention to offer with a clear understanding the present generation regarding the merits and the ill effects of accessing SNSs in their regular life situations to solve every kind of personal problem.
A qualitative approach of research methodology will be undertaken in this proposed research study, delivering attention towards including both secondary sources (i.e. books and articles) and primary sources (i.e. questionnaire survey of university male students). From this proposed research study, it will be anticipated that whether accessing SNSs affects the academic performance and health of the respondents. The research will also try and answer the remedial measures to overcome this sort of addiction.
Identifiably, accessing various SNSs has been raised considerably amid the individuals, affecting their health as well as academic or professional performances at large. With this concern, the prime intention of this proposed research study would be focused on raising greater awareness amid university students regarding their addiction to SNSs. This particular research topic has been chosen with the motive of determining whether academic performance along with the health of the students get disrupted because of their SNSs addiction and to which extent, so as to suggest the ultimate measures to overcome this sort of problem.
Numerous research studies have been conducted relating to the proposed research topic i.e. the addiction to SNSs wherein a comprehensive understanding has been gained regarding its positive as well as negative impacts and the solutions to mitigate the pessimistic consequences.
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