Discuss Analysis of The Man from Earth.

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Analysis of The Man from Earth. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The story is kept ongoing by the conversation of characters throughout the film, driving the plot of the film. The whole movie revolves around Cro-Magnon, his professor and teacher friends at his farewell party who play with the viewers’ intellect. The film involves characters of different professionals, ranging from an anthropologist, a biologist, a psychologist, and a religious expert, all who appear in the small house, from where their friend John is preparing to leave. John keeps on moving to new places to avoid being noticed by people that he doesn’t age, a secret he has kept to himself (Philosophical Films 2007).
As the movie begins, Professor John Oldman packs his belongings in a truck in preparation for moving to a new home. It is at this point that his friends gather to give him a farewell party. The friends are John Oldman, Dan, an anthropologist, Harry a biologist, Edith who is devout Christian, Sandy who is a historian in love with John, Art an archaeologist, Linda Murphy who is Art’s student and Will Gruber who is an old psychiatrist. It is at the party that his friends curiously question John about his reasons for leaving them to another place that soon (Philosophical Films, 2007).
As John tries to explain his reasons for leaving, his friends get the revelation that John was the person who had lived for 14,000 years. His friends initially think that John is giving them one of his science fiction stories. By describing his origin, he reveals to them his long journey in life, right from the time he was given an opportunity to ride with Christopher Columbus long back in the 15th century. From this recollection, his friends come to the realization that he had, in fact, survived for the said 14,000 years. His friends get the revelation that John was once Jacques Borne and his time to leave has come since some people had started noticing he was not aging.
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