Discuss daisy’s wishes by langton hughes

I need some assistance with these assignment. daisy’s wishes by langton hughes Thank you in advance for the help! As I was growing up, Daisy used me frequently as an example for the rest of the girls in the house. I could not go anywhere without her accompanying me. My boyfriend at that time had to visit me at the house with my mother seating next to us. I strictly followed all the rules and respected my mum’s wishes. Two years later, I graduated from high school and felt that it was time for me to move on. I had plans to become a flight attendant and travel across the world. Two months after graduating from Juan Quirindongo Morell High School, I got pregnant with my daughter Sandra. It was a sad and tough experience since I was not yet ready to become a parent. Daisy was supportive of whatever decision I made. I decided to become a single mother with the love and support of her, a decision that she fully supported. Nevertheless, deep inside I became ashamed of myself. I wanted to be successful in life without any child at a tender age, living rationally until a mature age fit to get married.
Juan Santana was the man responsible for my pregnancy. I regard him as a sperm donor since he impregnated me out of lust and not love. He tried persuading me to marry him because I was carrying his child, a proposal that I repeatedly rejected. I decided to stay in my mother‘s house for the remainder of my pregnancy period.
After giving birth to my daughter Sandra, I looked for three jobs to help support, care for her, and pay my mother for babysitting her. The responsibilities were too much with little sleep, but I had all the love and support of family. I strived to impress and make a mother proud, as she perceived me to be a strong individual.
A few years on, I met an old boyfriend, Christian whom I had dated in middle school while I was in America. Christian and I engaged in a long-distance relationship until he proposed to me in front of the white house. Excited to become his wife I sold everything I had and moved to Beacon New York. I found a job and an apartment new location, and the relationship continued. Christian and I set a date to get married on March 18, 2006, but I had forgotten to bring all my legal papers with me. I called my mother Daisy to inform her that I was flying back to Puerto Rico to collect my legal papers in her possession. The legal papers were vital in the processing of our marriage.
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