Discuss event risk management.

Write a 2 pages paper on event risk management. The police officers will also be engaged to ensure that security is beefed and order observed. The head of the police department will be involved in planning for security patrols and deploying police officers. This will ensure the law is not broken and at the same time, the safety of those attending the event guaranteed. The health practitioners will also be invited to provide first aid services to those who might get hurt or fall sick during the session. This will ensure that the health of those invited is cared for should there be any unexpected health problem. During this event, the provision of clean drinking water and safe food will be mandatory. A safe and adequate means of transport to and from the venue will be provided.
Planning for a musical event
With the coming of a famous musical band, a variety of people with divergent purposes will be attracted. All people coming will be required to pay an entry fee to cut out the idlers, if necessary charges are slightly higher. The stage will be protected and be on a raised ground such that the crowd will be at a lower point. Various entrances and exits will be opened to enhance the mobility of the crowd. The selling of alcoholic drinks will be limited or prohibited depending on which suits the situation. Both the young and old will be invited as this will help curb reckless behaviors that are seen when those who attend such an event are youths only, a mix of the crowd will be appropriate.
Various hotel departments such as that dealing with accommodation and security will be rigorously involved. Frequent patrols and visibility of the security personnel will help control risky behaviors and any attempt to cause chaos. The accommodations department will be required to ensure that the rooms in which the people will sleep are safe and clean with appropriate rules and regulations. The catering department will be required to supply food that is safe to the crowd and outside food restricted to limit incidents of smuggling in drugs and alcohol. This will help avert behaviors associated with drunkenness. A timetable of events will be drafted with each event being allocated its own t time. This will help control time usage and by extension limit the unwanted activities that the crowd is likely to get involved in (Tarlow, 2002).
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