Discuss organizational culture and organizational structure.

Compose a 3000 words assignment on organizational culture and organizational structure. Needs to be plagiarism free! The performance efficiency of a multicultural organization largely relies on its organizational culture. Organizations that are effective are largely concerned with their performance level and also the aspect of performance consistency. The organizations major objective is to offer customers the same quality of product or service whenever the customer visits the organization, regardless of the location. Quality performance results in repeat customers while consistency leads to the loyalty of the clientele.
Communication breakdowns that may be caused by cultural misunderstandings are a threat to efficiency in performance. For instance, an employee may opt to use in direct communication with a fellow employee who prefers direct communication and this result in a communication breakdown. Multicultural organizations are the organizations that hire employees from various cultural backgrounds, where the organization serves the clients that are from varying cultures or even the combination of both2. Expectations and behavior of the people within the multicultural organizations or the customers that are served by the organization may be driven by the cultural rules. It is, therefore, important to respect the cultural rules. The difference in cultures may arise from factors like direct or indirect communication, the definition of identity as either individual or connection to a certain group and the level of comfort in the hierarchy.
Organizational culture and organizational structure are some of the concepts that have the greatest predictive power and highest explanatory in the attempts to understand the forms and causes of people behavior in the organizations. Subsequently, the two concepts are mostly used when conducting research on variables that independent in the explanation of several phenomena that are present in companies or other forms of organizations.&nbsp. &nbsp.
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