Discuss seismic mitigation: post-recovery and reconstruction.

Need an research paper on seismic mitigation: post-recovery and reconstruction. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. In recent years, there have been three highly destructive earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. “a triple disaster in Japan involving an earthquake followed by a tsunami” (Edgington, 2011, p.v), catastrophic earthquakes that destroyed the capital city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, and those in Kobe, Japan.
Recovery is sometimes defined as a return to pre-disaster conditions. or the term may refer to a community resembling its own characteristics in the absence of the disaster occurrence, in terms of population size or economic output. Another definition of ‘recovery’ “recognizes that after a disaster, a community often undergoes significant change, so that it may never return to either the pre-disaster or without-disaster states” (Olshansky and Chang, 2009, p.201). This approach defines ‘recovery’ as the post-disaster attainment of a stable state or condition.
The ‘Disaster Life Cycle’ model refers to the five-time periods that comprise the life cycle of a disaster. These include the “pre-impact period, the impact period, the immediate post-impact period, the short-term recovery period, and the long-range recovery period” (Fischer, 1998, p.7). This theory assists in responding to natural as well as technological disasters, through the process of pre-disaster preparedness, emergency responses such as search and rescue operations, recovery and reconstruction, and mitigation against future calamities of a similar type (Mileti, 1999).
“Post-disaster recovery is a critical component of the disaster cycle because also provides significant opportunities for mitigation” (Olshansky and Chang, 2009, p.201), and consequently helps to break the cycle. The reasons include the requirement for new construction, the flow of post-disaster funding, and the ‘window of opportunity’ of increased awareness created by the disaster. Smith and Wenger (2007) emphasize the importance of developing an ethic of sustainable recovery.
In present times, city planners prepare plans related to emergency response and preparedness issues, which were conventionally undertaken by the civil defense or municipal emergency officers, states Edgington (2011).&nbsp.&nbsp.
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