Discuss Should Scotland Be Independent.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Should Scotland Be Independent. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Division in the leadership of the Scottish people became a disaster following the adversity between Queen Mary and King James both of whom had followers. In effect, Scotland would merge with Great Britain. Campaigns about this treaty received divided reactions with a number of pro-unionists supporting it while the anti-unionists expressed their displeasure about it. The supporters were pleased that England and Scotland that had initially been querulous would unite forging a way for peaceful co-existence (Hawkins, 2012). However, there have been numerous campaigns for Scotland’s independence in the present day.&nbsp.
For years, Scotland lacked permission to access the British colonies for purposes of trade following the Navigation Act. The union with England would permit access to the British Colonies and hence boost the then weak Scottish economy (Kerevan & Cochrane, 2014). In an argument, Scotland would receive protection from Great Britain. Following the historic civil discord in Scotland, many people dwelt in abject poverty. The state of insecurity had continued to increase over the years resulting in the oppression of the Scottish people. Unionism was a potential solution to these problems.
However, those opposed to this union expressed their feeling that Scotland would turn into a province of England. For them, the union meant that England would dominate the economic, political, and religious fronts. On the economic front, an increased burden of taxation, English domination of trade, and the ruin of the Scottish manufacturing industry were anticipated (McCracken-Flesher, 2008). The adoption of the English currency and the flocking of English goods in Scotland markets ranked as potential economic threats. The advantages of the Union Treaty between Scotland and England overweighed the disadvantages leading to its adoption. This historical view presents room for argument on the need for Scotland’s independence (McCrone & Linklater, 2013).&nbsp.
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