Discuss the intersection of normality and consumerism on television.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the intersection of normality and consumerism on television. Other researchers have noted that the chaotic nature of the talk show complicates unitary interpretative formulations, “Its play with discursive boundaries and identities, with chaos and contingency have made it threatening to critics desperate for clear labels and stable structures (Munson as cited in Wood 2007, p. 3).”
In formulating a unique interpretive approach to the representation of ‘normality,’ daytime talk shows, Woods (2007) advances an analytic methodology based on Bahktin’s theory that “entails understanding the communicative relationship of viewers with the particular programs as specific (mediated) ‘speech genres’” (as cited in Wood 2007, p. 5).” This is an approach that analyzes viewer utterances as an element of the interpretive object. Using this interpretive approach, Woods examines several consumers’ responses as the representation of life on television talks shows. Woods notes the responses of the viewers and categorizes them in degrees of participation. One strand of the investigation reveals that minimal responses to the television talk shows, such as “mhm” or “yes,” are the viewer engaging in the collaborative creation of meaning, where what socially constitutes normality is determined both at home and in the studio.
Other means of establishing normality in this context include adjacency pairs. These are elements of speech interaction where a member in the studio will pose a question, oftentimes rhetorical, and the viewer at home will answer. Adjacency pairs have particular relevance in revealing hegemonic masculine agendas, as the woman viewer at home will often disagree with the studio experts, offering a more insightful feminine interpretation. In addition to adjacency pairs, Woods’s research formulates several collaborative meaning construction elements that include&nbsp.turn-taking and secondary textual interrogation. The viewer offers its own expert analysis.
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