Discuss The Nature of the Northern Ireland Conflict

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Nature of the Northern Ireland Conflict. It needs to be at least 2250 words. Under these terms, it could be stated that the Northern Ireland Conflict 1968-1998 should be characterized mostly as ethno-sectarian and not as political. The above argument will be supported with the appropriate arguments from the literature highlighting the consequences of the above crisis on the relationship between the above two countries. The development of the Conflict since its first appearance will be presented as analytically as possible trying to focus on the reasons for its beginning and criticize the events that led to its long term duration. Despite the fact that both countries were found to have taken specific initiatives for the establishment of peace in the area, no particular result seemed to exist. however, all these efforts led gradually to the termination of the Conflict even with a delay. It should be noticed that the role of citizens (of both countries) in the termination of the crisis proved to be equally valuable with the role of the governments of the two countries (England and Ireland). It is for this reason that the efforts made by the governments of both the above countries were successful.
The conflict in Northern Ireland can be understood only if the events that led to this conflict are briefly presented. At the first level we should refer to the reasons that led the British government to follow a specific strategy when handling the specific issue (administration of the crisis between Britain and Ireland). In accordance with Hayward (2006, 265) ‘the British government had not envisaged partition to be anything other than a temporary solution to the problem they faced regarding unionist/nationalist tensions in the early twentieth century’. In other words, the intervention of Britain in Ireland can be explained referring to the political and social conditions of Ireland especially by the beginning of&nbsp.the twentieth century. it is in that period that the first events that led to the severe crisis of the period 1968-1998 were developed.&nbsp.
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