Discussion on cities, nature and people through the lenses of andre aciman

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on memories on cities, nature and people through the lenses of andre aciman Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Aciman is open to describe the power of his feelings through the shades and hues of blue, namely: “For years this wonderful expanse of still and timeless blue, where hills and ripples beaches seemed made to exist in memory alone, belonged nowhere” (Aciman 24). Admittedly, the writer aims at the height of his imagination while looking at the natural beauty of the city he lived in. Memories presuppose the sense of living for Aciman. He takes care of each little memory to keep it alive and vivid. Thus, in search of blue, Andre Aciman seems to find out the exact way of thinking about what a man can bear with him/her throughout life.
In another essay called Shadow Cities, the writer attempts to bind another city to make sure a reader knows what New York means to him. The report represents his worries about what happened to a little Straus Park just within the city (Aciman 38). He does not hesitate to come closer to the overall idea of virtue and social responsibility of people inhabiting the town and contributing to its further development. It is all about how Aciman once shared the significance of natural episodes within the concrete jungles of today’s urbanized world. However, it does not describe him as an opponent of the city. He finds New York pretty magnificent along with its streets and avenues.
Therefore, the writer’s great desire states as follows: “I wanted everything to remain the same” (Aciman 38). It is a voice of despair the writer faced in New York and realized it would never stop in the future. Everything is in a state of flux, as they say. However, Aciman behaves like a real foreigner keeping in mind the things as they were earlier. Hence, he illustrates his strict incapability to get accustomed to new names of the stores or some change to sightseeing places he once encountered in his life.
To say more, being an adolescent, Andre Aciman obtained precious knowledge of what the world means to a man. Insofar, the essay called Square Lamartine is also a compilation of the writer’s vision of the urban sceneries (Paris), mainly memorized in close relation to the natural background of the earth at large. His ruminations on life are well amplified by French writers and poets while staying in Paris. This is why he appreciates the love for wandering through different parts of the city to collect some peculiarities regarding the uniqueness of that city.
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