Discussion on cultural practices and traditions in africa.

Need an research paper on cultural practices and traditions in africa. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Binyavanga talks about the possible characters that may be included in the article on Africa. Among those characters that he mentioned are the Loyal Servant, the Ancient Wise Man, the Modern African and the Starving African (Wainaina 93). Lastly, the author suggests that writers should not forget to include the sunset in Africa. He emphasizes too that overpopulation must also be added in portraying Africa and that AIDS and WAR are the factors that contribute to its depopulation (Wainaina 95). I agree with the author that most articles about Africa touch on the topics that he enumerated. However, I feel that it is also grossly exaggerated which may be partly due to the fact that he and other Africans are severely hurt by the way they are being portrayed by most authors. I appreciate the satirical style that he employed in presenting his arguments. The essay is one whole irony which I think is effective in convincing the readers to agree with the author’s claims. The essay is replete with the various stereotypes which have been and are still ascribed to Africa, which Binyavanga wants to correct through his work. I liked the way the author ended his essay with the phrase, “Because you care” (Wainaina 95). I think that it evokes a strong message, that is, if a writer cares about Africa, then he should be more objective and truthful and portray Africa not according to the usual stereotype images and false representations. Although indirectly, I think that Binyavanga is implying that if a writer still creates an article about Africa the way he described it, then he may be considered insensitive and uncaring.
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