Discussion on is the arab world changing for the better).

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic is the arab world changing for the better). If ever Qatar does not agree, Saudi Arabia may push for economic sanctions and limits in the use of air space as well as borders1. Although this may involve a bitter conflict, the fact that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East are opposed to terrorism means that terrorism is never viewed in the same way by all Muslim countries, and so it is not related to religion.
Inspiration through sports is another proof that some Arab countries are improving. Particularly, in Afghanistan, where the Afghan national football team won their first trophy ever on September 11, 2013, many Afghans especially young ones were inspired to either play football or engage in sports. In fact, an official who works for the HAFO, or the Humanitarian Assistance and Facilitating Organization, based in Kabul, said, “Afghans are hard-working and their talents make them winners”2. As this can serve to inspire those in the other Arab countries, this event is indeed another proof that the Arab world is getting better. Although the HAFO may have overlooked the influence of culture and religion on the Afghans, certainly it has given them a very good and very healthy alternative in the name of sports.
The Arab world is also improving in terms of safety for everyone. The Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia met on August 26, 2013 and agreed on banning all kinds of abuse, whether these are physical, psychological, sexual or even in the form of threat. The sanctions are strict but the law itself needs a few changes in terms of vocabulary, according to Amnesty International3. Safety in Saudi Arabia can possibly inspire other Middle Eastern countries to do the same thing until there comes a time when even domestic workers to these countries are not any more looked upon with contempt or discrimination.
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