Discussion on Long Term Impact of Thatcherism on British Politics and Policy.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Long Term Impact of Thatcherism on British Politics and Policy. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Thatcher’s policies were somewhat associated with the substantial rise in the social economy as well as health inequalities. The issues mentioned were quite marginalized and sometimes ignored by her government.
Thatcherism particularly describes the conviction politics, social, economic policy, and the political styles of a British Conservative leader as at her period of reign. Thatcherism has been seen as a political platform that emphasized the free markets that worked alongside the restrained government expenditure and a lot of tax cuts together with British nationalism abroad and even at home (Wittlinger, 2002). It primarily encouraged measures as deregulation, privatization of the major national industries that maintained the labor markets with the marginalization of the trade unions as well as the devolvement of the governments’ decision- making of the prominent local authorities. On the policy agenda, the Thatcher government aimed at influencing the local government, the housing sector, the privatization, and the industrial relation.
Apparently, it should be noted that the Thatcher government did not solely aim at effecting small changes in the country revolving around the factors of after-war agreements based on the primary objective which was laid on three issues. Main revival&nbsp.within the&nbsp.market liberalism within&nbsp.a dominant public philosophy, restoration of political fortunes within the conservation party and finally the creation of the sustainable situations of an economy which is free&nbsp.in simply limitation of a scope in a particular state and at the same time making the restoration of the authority in place (McCormick, 2013). Thatcherism has significantly had a fundamental long-term effect on the health inequalities policies since it greatly affected the social determinants in the health field making the socioeconomic position an important factor in the well-being of the citizens.&nbsp. &nbsp.
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