Discussion on Merit and Performance Based Scheme and Implications.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Merit and Performance Based Scheme and Implications. The merit pay is however based upon the literacy and mathematical scores of students, whereas the performance-related pay has been an opportunity for the proponents of market-based governance seek to introduce private-sector management techniques into the public sector to lead to better outputs, greater cost-efficiency, and a customer service ethos (Susan, 2006). The characteristics of the New Public Management involve the performance-related pay which is considered to be the interpretation of the public policy solution, with its focus on outputs, competition, and incentivization (Lawrence, 2007). The performance-related pay has materialized due to the implementation of the New Public Management, which has provided the public and the private sector with an opportunity to experience the competitive forces of the market, the introduction with the private sector management practices has the ostensible aim of increasing efficiency, creating an output focused culture and discouraging rent-seeking (Susan, 2006). The performance-based pay practice is widely popular in the private sector and has been a medium for the improvement of the results through the creation of incentives for the employees (Terri, 2000).
The concept of performance-related pay is common in Australia, and the majority of the teachers and professionals associated with the academia have been paid pupils’ results as assessed in examinations, tests, and visits by invigilator (Susan, 2006). The implementation of the system was aimed at the improvement of the performance of the teachers, and to enhance the quality of education. It was believed that through provisions in the pay package of the teachers, the educational standard can be improved. The amendments in the performance-based package were lastly proposed by the Federal Ministry Education, Science and Training, as per which the performance-related pay is expected to be measured by principals, parents and students alike (Lawrence, 2007).
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