Evaluate: USA Voting Trends in Decrease.

I will pay for the following article USA Voting Trends in Decrease. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to Kornbluh (2000), this has been regarded as an instance of a voting paradox that mostly revolves around the behavior of voters. In this regard, political scientists have continually researched the attitude of voters so as to understand the reasons as to why people from the United States practice a low voter turnout. Some of the factors associated with legal obstacles involve Voters ID laws, Poll taxes, and Paper trails.
Apparently, the history of elections in the United States has had two memorable events namely. the contentious 2000 presidential elections and the 2004 election. As a result of these events, the lawmakers have begun making reforms on election issues with consultation from other private entities such as the Help America Vote Act, which has compelled the state to be keener on the accessibility and bases of voters.
According to Keyssar (2009), individuals who support the Voters ID laws argue that in the modern world the most used form of identification is the ID, and as such voters are expected to present their identification once they are at the voting booth. Through this practice, cases of fraud and related irregularities are drastically reduced and/or eliminated. Furthermore, the supporters argue that Voter ID laws should not be taken negatively because the current century has identified as a routine in life.
On the other hand, Anti- Voter ID laws crusaders argue that the issue of personal identification could be used by interest groups to maintain the way of life for the middle and upper-class people in the United States. Nevertheless, people experiencing various disabilities with the inclusion of the minority, the poor, and the elderly might not be in a position to possess or use the identification particularly in the voting process.
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