gail tsukiyama and asian american experience, sensitivity, and personality.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on gail tsukiyama and asian american experience, sensitivity, and personality. Needs to be plagiarism free! Tsukiyama had a very humble beginning in her earlier years. She pursued her studies undergoing all the stereotyping that was, and still is in some circumstances, expected to be directed to all Asian American personalities. However, she managed to achieve a Bachelors’s and a Master of Arts degree at San Francisco State University. Initially, she dedicated much of her college work to poetry and received an award from the Academy of American Poets. She is currently a San Francisco Bay Area resident. For quite some time, she works at the San Francisco State University’s Creative Writing Department as a part-time lecturer and at the same time as the San Francisco Chronicle’s freelance books reviewer. In addition, she is also the Water Bridge Review- an online magazine- book review editor (Elaine, 2003, pp. 423).
Gail specifically considers herself to be one of the ‘early Chinese feminists’ examiner as well as going across the border to give different accounts of the differences between the Japanese and Chinese cultures, with particular interests in early immigration encounters to the present. Furthermore, she doesn’t restrict herself two these two but goes further to enlighten on many other minority groups in matters regarding personality, sensitivity, and the general Asian American experience.
Her books are masterpieces in which she has succinctly been able to blend emotional ploy with historical facts to address the parallels between the current political climate with the pre as well as the post WW11 ideologies. This paper, therefore, intends to highlight some of these issues and how they have impacted both the American perspective and the Asian American perspective as well.
The Asian American experience in San Francisco, especially for those of Japanese origin has been one that is characterized by many hardships including adversity, community initiative, and hard work, incessant hope for the future, heartaches, indomitable spirits, and triumphs.&nbsp.
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