Here are the instructions to this project. I will provide an attachment to my an

Here are the instructions to this project. I will provide an attachment to my annotated bibliogrophy that is referenced in the instructions.How does writing work? What kinds of writing are required of professional communication majors? How does this translate to the workplace? What types of writing will you need to know to be a successful media writer? Human resources representative? Technical editor?Remix ProjectThroughout the first half of this course you have been working to answer these questions, and, more specifically, a related research question that is particularly relevant for you and your career interests. It’s now time to take what you’ve learned by reviewing the relevant literature and present it in a new way – for your future professional community. There is not really a limit to how many pages or sources needed.The first step is to determine who your audience is and what type of document would be most useful for them. Because this is a writing class, you must choose a genre that utilizes a lot of writing (e.g., videos won’t work in this case unless you first submit a detailed script). For example, if your audience is future PCM students, you might think about what a brochure for open house or accepted students’ day would say. If your audience is new hires at a particular workplace, you might produce some kind of training material. Or maybe you want to produce something for an organization of young professionals in your field. The options are many!Once you have decided on your audience and your format, you will work to communicate what you learned through reviewing the literature in a new and interesting way that is useful for that audience. Thus, I would expect your projects to take on very different forms – and that’s okay! Just as with the annotated bibliography, you will first submit a draft that will receive extensive feedback from me and from one of your peers. You will have ample time to revise your document before handing the final version. See the rubric for specific evaluation criteria.

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