Infographic On Erectile Dysfunction

Create an Infographic using the software of your choice regarding Erectile Dysfunction. 
The Infographic should include the following:

1. Provide a description of the disease that will be treated by your algorithm.
2. Provide the criteria for diagnosis.
3. Review common diagnostic tests required for diagnosis and/or ongoing  management.
4. Present a pharmacologic treatment algorithm that includes the most commonly prescribed drugs for the condition.
5. Provide evidence by sharing clinical guidelines, research articles, or other scholarly materials to support your Infographic
6. Identify reasons that each medication might be selected, barriers to practice, or issues related to the condition and the use of pharmacologic treatment.
7. Describe the expected outcomes for medication management, including expectations for follow up care.
8. A full reference list should be included in APA format on a reference page.

Scholarly sources within 5 years old must be used.  Must provide clinical guidelines.
Infographic must be interesting and appealing. 
Sample provided below in attachments
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