Leadership training need plagerism report

The organization you selected in Week 1 (FAMILY FOODS) is designing training for all the managers at all levels. It wants to base the training on one leadership theory.
Write a paper recommending a leadership theory. Address the following:

Summarize key details about the organization and two or three of the most important insights you have developed so far about the organization during your course project. This one paragraph summary should provide just enough information that someone who has not read any of your papers so far would have a brief background for understanding your project organization.
Why do you believe your chosen leadership theory is the best for your organization? What is your rationale? What research can you cite to support your choice? What are the factors in your organization that make your selected leadership theory the best choice?
How will using this theory positively impact the following variables?

Managers’ behavior toward subordinates and its effect on subordinates
Motivation of subordinates
Group and team behavior
Decision making

Be sure that you conduct the research necessary to support your conclusions and cite your sources appropriately.

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