paper that discusses ethnographic observation of a sub-culture.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses ethnographic observation of a sub-culture. These are also the standpoints from which the quality of a service of a company can be evaluated. In the hospital context, functional quality can be defined as the manner in which services are delivered to the patient in the healthcare organization. This quality evaluation standpoint is more subjective in that it mainly focuses on how technical quality is being delivered to the customers. This concept is therefore unquantifiable. On the contrary, technical quality focuses on what is being done. the standard of the output and thus it is relatively quantifiable. In a hospital environment, for example, it is defined by the technical accuracy of the procedures and diagnoses. It can also be explained as the extent to which the physically measurable attributes of medical procedures in a hospital meet the professionally acceptable standards.
A focus on functional quality in a hospital simply implies an evaluation of the patient interaction with the healthcare system in terms of their experience right from reception, diagnosis, treatment, and even hospitalization. Although it has been a challenge, the definition and measurement of service quality are of great importance to healthcare organizations. This is because service quality is more critical to service-providing industries as compared to manufacturing and other types of industries.
The functional quality of a hospital can be measured using a service quality measurement scale (SERVQUAL). This scale was developed from a marketing perspective and its purpose is to provide a tool for measuring service quality in organizations that would apply it across a large range.
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