prepare and submit a paper on resiliency and spirituality

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on resiliency and spirituality. It remains the counselor’s duty to help the old in the attainment of self independence capabilities and positive attributes. This is demonstrated by harnessing personal values and lifelong commitments to guide the old in solving problems. On the other hand old people must be willing to pursue the struggle for a better life thus remaining focused on capabilities assets and positive attributes.
Baltes and Baltes (1990) as sited by Langer (2004) reiterates that self reliance is an important virtual to be emphasized to the old as it gives them enough courage to reconstruct their life. The old should attach usefulness to themselves so that they may develop the ability to transform any difficulties into meaningful ideas. He maintains that even when signs of frailty become pronounced, the old are capable of making necessary modification in goals and aspirations as they continue developing through their life experience funding sources of meaning therein. To attain resiliency one needs to have a sense of control which will help in averting the stress characterized by aging, this can be based on past experiences by the individual and more importantly from manageable area in the current life. A counselor will point out strengths on his client and emphasize on them to enhance their sense of achievements.
Kobasa (1979) as cited in Langer (2004) observes that people with greatest control over what occurs in their lives will remain healthier than those who feel powerless. Care providers are required to guide the old on how to manage crises including changes in health, social network, finances and ability to live independently. In return this will translate into a remarkable resiliency and spiritual firmness to the old
Strength perspective counseling model is designed to help reduce the number of elders who may later need extensive health and social services. It equips the clients with problem solving and coping resources. The following assumptions are made in this model.
People are responsible for and capable for making their own decisions
People are able to direct their lives more than they realize with freedom to choose
People are continuously motivated to address their basic. Physiological and abstract self-actualizations needs (Langer, 2000 cited in Langer 2004)
Counselors’ fully understanding of the inner strength is very necessary in facilitating health and way of life for the aged. They should see their clients not just as people who need service hours but also as unique individuals with rich lifelong strengths who can continue living meaningful lives
From the spirituality / resiliency questions (Langer 2000, Ortiz and Langer 2002 cited in Langer 2004) counselor develop with their clients a list of strengths and assets in bid to provide possible solutions to the clients’ problems. However it is necessary for them to comprehend the angle through which clients view their current and past lives. The spirituality/ resiliency assessment outlines life themes and coping mechanism that is virtual in giving information for strengths perspective counseling
Rather than being reactive players, older adults can be important stakeholders in designing programs and problem solving activities.
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