PROMPT: Danticat’s short stories are generally focused on the ways that female c

PROMPT:Danticat’s short stories are generally focused on the ways that female characters endure in spite of the suffering they experience, but through different means. Please choose two of the short stories we have read from Krik? Krak! and compare and contrast the ways that the female characters in both stories persevere in the face of conflict and suffering. What are the different ways that female characters persevere in these stories, and according to the stories, does one way seem better than other ways?Format requirements are as follows: 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Please include your name, your course number, and a title at the top of your first page. Please number each page on the top right corner. Please submit your paper in a single document via the TurnItIn Link on Blackboard. Also upload your essay (just your essay) through the appropriate SLO link on Blackboard (SLO 2.1_2.3 Critical Inquiry and Analysis).Your essay will be an argument based on textual analysis. Therefore, it must begin with an introduction that clearly states your thesis (that is, your answer to the open-ended question you raise in your introduction about your chosen text), and it must use body paragraphs that use textual analysis to develop, support, and enhance your main argument.Do not summarize the text. Rather, begin each body paragraph with a claim that you think helps to support your main argument, and use textual analysis to support and develop that claim. Maintain one clear focus in each paragraph and provide clear transitions between paragraphs.When quoting language from the text, be sure to introduce that quote adequately and analyze it effectively, in a way that relates to your focus. To develop your essay’s argument, you should closely engage the language of the texts. Please refrain from long quotes. All quotations must have a purpose. Analysis in this essay is crucial.You will write your essay using the writing process—a series of interchangeable steps meant to make writing the essay a meaningful experience as well as to ensure a successful final draft. Therefore, a portion of the Final Essay grade will evaluate how deeply and consistently you have engaged the writing process.Avoid relying on online study guides to write the essay. Any evidence that outside sources are used without citation will be treated as plagiarism. Essays with any confirmed plagiarized material will be given zero credit.I attached a file below that could help with summaries of the two short stories in the book I am choosing as well as a somewhat outline I started. I need quotes and 8-12 paragraphs total. There is a thesis statement there that I attempted to write.NIght women and Between the Pools and Gardenias from the book Krik! Krak! by Edwidge Danticat.

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