property law in practice.

Write a 9 pages paper on property law in practice. This means that all three of these individuals own the house equally. As it is customary for spouses to purchase property as joint tenants, it is also the case with relatives such as in the case of Arnold, Wendy, and Bill. The case of Bill, Arnold, and Wendy can be said then to be joint tenancy making all three of them equal owners of the property which is still the case in death but serves to transfer to the still-living spouse. Additionally, because there was no declaration of beneficial interest at the time of purchase, it can be said that each of these three individuals held equal ownership of the property. We also know that there was no expressed intention which then removes the possibility of ‘joint in common’ from the table.
Based on laws of severance in equity, Bill and the children of Wendy are all in partial possession of the estate as no severance took place making the parties tenants in common. This can be said to further the petition for Bill to be reimbursed for his participation in the ownership of the land overall. At no point in the dealings between Bill, Arnold and Wendy were there ever any sort of implications of written words of severance including the written statement sent by Wendy offering Bill a place to live within the estate that he helped Arnold and Wendy to procure. Based on these same laws, however, a predetermined part of the estate may be written up at the time of purchase but in this case, it can be assumed that each of the 3 parties had equal ownership of the land as all three were name don the mortgage and thus the deed to the house. The laws of joint tenancy extend to grant Wendy, Arnold’s portion of the land which leaves her with 2/3 ownership which she may then transfer by the will to her children. This leaves Bill with the remaining 1/3 ownership of the estate.
It was Arnold who actually paid the mortgage installments until his death. At his time of death, his portion of ownership of the property&nbsp.immediately transferred to Wendy.&nbsp.&nbsp.
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