Read the case scenario, pretend you are a therapist, and the client comes into y

Read the case scenario, pretend you are a therapist, and the clientcomes into your office. Taking the information from the case intoconsideration, how would you diagnose your client? What symptoms arepresent that support your diagnosis? Once you have your diagnosis, whichtherapy would you use to treat him? Once you have picked a therapy (i.e.,Solution-focused therapy, Cognitive behavior therapy, Person-centered therapy),which interventions (i.e., journaling, thought stopping the process,active listening) would you use from that therapy? How would you use the inventions to help yourclient? Would you recommend medications? Why or Why not? The paper should be 2-3 pages long, notincluding the title page and reference page. You should use peer-reviewedjournal articles or scholarly books for the research. DO NOT USE WEBSITES.Use APA format when writing the paper.Case Scenario: Jaden Macmillanwas a 20-year old African American who was brought to the emergency room (ER)bycampus police of his university. He refused to leave a classroom after randomlywalking into a lecture hall and shouting to audience.His sister saidthat he had quit seeing his friends and spent most of his time lying in the bedstaring at the ceiling. She also explained that she repeatedly saw him mumblingquietly to himself and noted that he would sometimes, at night, stand on theroof of their home and wave his arm as if he were “conducting a symphony.” Mr.Macmillan defended himself by saying that he felt liberated and in tune withthe music when he was on the roof.During theprior several months, Mr. Macmillan had become increasingly preoccupied with a femalefriend, Anne, who lived down the street. While he insisted to his family thatthey were engaged. Anne told Mr. Macmillan’s sister that they had hardly everspoken and certainly were not dating.On examinationin the ER, Mr. Macmillan became enraged when the staff brought him dinner. Heloudly insisted that all the hospital’s food was poisoned and that he wouldonly drink a specific type of bottled water.Ultimately, Mr.Macmillan agreed to sign himself into the psychiatric unit, stating, “I don’tmind staying here. Anne will probably be there, so I can spend my time withher.”

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