Son used by dad as a robot

When I begin talking about the Behavioral Model ofsocialization, I refer to a case from the newspaper in which a man usesmany psychological techniques to impact his child’s behavior inparticular ways.  I am attaching a copy of the story here.  Read thenewspaper account, and discuss what sorts of psychological techniquesthe man is using on the son.   How effective do you think he is in usingthese techniques?Father accused of using son as a robot against mother.docCautionary Note:  In one semester,  I found that some people had anemotional reaction to the content of the story, more than I recallseeing in past years.  Keep in mind that what what we are looking athere is how he used the techniques.   I think we would probably allagree that his intentions are not upstanding, but why did it work sowell?*2 PAGE DISCUSSION BOARD, DUE IN NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS*
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