submit a term paper on Capitalism and Social Change: Burke and Marx Critiques of Capitalism.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Capitalism and Social Change: Burke and Marx Critiques of Capitalism. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. However, some of the scholars believe that the capitalism is the legitimate system that cannot be replaced therefore it can only be attained through revolutionary socialism, whereas some believe that the structural change can exist slowly through political reform. Capitalism is a dominant global economic system that has intensified the processes of economic and globalization as eliminated the government control over the market and property rights. This paper analyzes critiques of capitalism as a vision of social and political change through the perspective of Burke and Marx.
Karl Marx prospection on the elements of capitalism focuses on the capital accumulation, exploitation and wage labor. Karl Marx believed that the Capitalism itself is a vital isolation to construct a social alternative practice. According to ‘The Labor Theory of Value’ Marx highlights that capitalism is an unjust system. He believed that the capitalist bourgeois promoted false and lie “interests of the capitalist and these of the workers are… on and the same” (Marx and Engels 16). However, the interest of capitalist is to exploit workers in order to generate higher profit margins, whereas the labors are paid a little amount. As it is said that capitalist promotes the concept that the ‘growth of the productive capital’. It portrays that the production of the capital shall benefit the capitalist as it shall provide workers with employment. He criticized that in the capitalist system the capitalist exploited surplus labor, that is, that the labor is not being rewarded according to his efforts he put in to produce goods. It is one of the reasons that the exploitation of the capitalist system itself creates socio-economic gaps for every class in the society due to which every class distinguishes itself. Marx states that capitalist has the control on means of production that allows them to exploit the other class. In capitalism, the capitalist exploits the labors on the bases if surplus labor, that is, the difference between the values of the product a labor&nbsp.produces and the value that is rewarded to labor. It shows that the difference that is rewarded to the worker is the place where the capitalist exploits labor that eventually leads to widening the socio-economic gap between capitalist and labor class status in the society (Marx and Engels).&nbsp.
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