the dimensions of psychological.

Need an research paper on the dimensions of psychological. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The authors comment that the main way to possibly make this easier is to evaluate other multi-functional ways in order to help all students process the information in a number of different ways. Their suggestion is to offer visuals for learning.
Toward the beginning of the article, the authors assume what traditional teaching methods are when approaching how to teach psychology. These are merely assumptions and there is no supporting evidence as to what defines “traditional.” As many students are required to take courses in psychology, the differentiation of research methods and data collection is not fully defined until later in graduate school. The authors stress the importance of research methodology when teaching introductory psychology courses. They evaluate a series of textbooks to see if it is done properly.
Upon the authors’ research of 46 different psychology textbooks that are commonly used in psychology courses that were published between the years of 1986 and 1989, the group found that there was no uniformity between how the different authors of these textbooks presented information about research methodology. This would make it seem as though any student in any class may be getting different types of information about what research is. Of the textbooks covered, the authors discovered that research strategies were at least often outlined though it was usually in an appendix of the textbook rather than in the chapters of learning (Hendricks, et. al, 1990, p. 76).
Of these textbooks, the authors looked primarily at text headings when evaluating whether or not research methodology was covered. If it was only briefly mentioned, it was not classified as being material that was covered in the introductory psychology textbook. The amount of text that even covers the strategies of research was only minimally covered in these textbooks with anywhere from two pages covering the topic to a maximum of eighteen pages. This indicates that authors of many of these psychology books are not taking the initiative to fully introduce the information about research and the students just are not even grasping the concept.
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