the football industry

Compose a 2000 words assignment on the football industry. Needs to be plagiarism free! Therefore, the paper will seek to emphasize what the football industry is worth and the factors that have made to be considered as getting out of control. It will also look at some of the measures that have been put in place to reduce hooliganism in the football industry.
According to Batile et al (2014), the football industry is a profitable global sport that attracts revenue amounting to an excess of 5.4 billion Euros every year. Matchday, commercial and broadcasting revenues are the major sources of income that most football clubs use to collect revenues on a day to day basis. Matchday revenues are derived mainly from gate receipts paid by fans and spectators, memberships and season tickets. On the other hand, broadcasting revenues accrue from international and domestic competitions such as UEFA while commercial revenues are mostly gotten from merchandising and sponsorships. This means that in the process of determining profitable clubs, all these sources of revenue are accounted for. Based on these revenue models, Real Madrid has been rated the most profitable club in the world today for the ninth consecutive time (Mughal, 2014). It has a total revenue of 518.9 million Euros, with match day collections of 119, commercial 183.3 while commercial having revenues totaling to 211.6 million Euros.
Moreover, by analyzing the revenue generated by other top clubs in the football industry such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and arsenal, a clear picture of what the football industry is worth can be ascertained. FC Barcelona comes in second with total revenue amounting to 413.6 million sterling pounds. Broadcasting revenues accrued from domestic and international competitions were valued at 188.2 million Euros while commercial income totals to 176.8 million Euros (Mughal, 2014). Manchester United is ranked number four with a total income of 423.8 million Euros.
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