The journey of a hospice priest by Paul Morrissey.

:The journey of a hospice priest by Paul Morrissey. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In his 1995 book Let Someone Hold You: The Journey of a Hospice Priest, Roman Catholic Priest Paul F. Morrissey tells his encounters with a dozen terminally ill patients in their final days and hours.The acclaimed book is the winner of both the Christopher Award as well as the Catholic Book AwardWhile working with a hospice care service, he tells the stories of the dying patients as well as the evolution of his own view of death and dying. His compassion reaches out across all cultural and income lines, and in doing so presents a picture that death is not selective about our station in life. Death affects all ages, races, and nationalities and Morrissey’s book highlights the need to care for all these people with an open mind and open heart.In his meetings with the dying victims, he is forced to travel repeatedly to the inner city slums and confront the drug-laden areas of Manhattan. Here he meets with them in the privacy of their homes, meeting and talking to family members often with the aid of an interpreter. The language barrier he encounters is in addition to the religious differences of the people he meets with. Morrissey tells the story of the different ways that religion, age, and gender deal with death. As he meets with each of these people and their families we are reminded of how much the caregiver grows through this experience. Death knows no boundaries and is a universal process that we all must face on a daily basis.Father Morrissey also takes us into the culture of several ethnic groups and illuminates their view of death. The book begins with the story of Isha an Ethiopian woman struggling with terminal cancer.
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