Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank: The Rise To The Top | Mad Money | CNBC – YouTube (

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank: The Rise To The Top | Mad Money | CNBC – YouTube(Above is the link to our video, we did our project on Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank)2rd. Listen to /watch the video carefully. What do the founder (s) say how it all began? What would others say? What would they say about the role of the founder, CEOs, and other managers?3th. While listening to/ watching the story of the company or social enterprise, pay attention to both entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial leadership. The topics/themes to be included in your video analysis are:Innovation life-cycleType of entrepreneurshipTypes of innovation pursuedChallenges the (co-)founders went through to develop their products and gain access to capital[if the startup failed, focus on the (co-)founder factors that contributed to the failure][If the startup was successful, focus on the following topics]Building the product and the companyMotivationChange and resistance (apply the concept of fuel and friction).Building workforce and empowering employees (apply the concept of structural and psychologicalempowerment)Establishing a climate and culture of creative thinking and doingOther attributes of entrepreneurial leadersHandling difficult conversations and negotiating4th. Organization and Format of the PaperYour paper should have a clear introduction-body-conclusion structure (You may use headings to show the various sections of the paper).Carefully edit the paper. Make sure the paper is free from typos, grammatical errors, and under-developed paragraphs.Substantiate your assertions and conclusions with evidence from the video. Unsupported statements are mere opinions.Incomplete paper may not be graded. Your paper is incomplete if you fail to address the prompt fully.

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